Elf Bard



STR 12
DEX 14
CON 10
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 16


Level 0: Daze
Level 0: Ghost Sound
Level 0: Detect Magic
Level 0: Mending
Level 1: Cure Light Wounds
Level 1: Grease


Perf: Sing
Perf: Dance
Kn. Arcana
Kn. Engineering
Sleight of Hand


Throw Anything


Alignment – Chaotic Good
Personality – Curious, flighty, naive, helpful, tempestuous, talented, and… FABULOUS!

Race – Elf
Class – Bard
Sex – Male
Age – 122 years old
Ht. – 5 ft 7 inches
Wt. – 100 lbs
Hair – Strawberry blonde
Eyes – Teal
Features – Amulet of Shehaan with a bright opal worn on a cord around his neck.


Twiggy was raised in a cloistered community of elves who lived in a copse of trees on the Southwest plains. These elves have deliberately separated themselves from the other races that lived around them and are devoted to worshipping their primary deity, Shehaan. Twiggy loves his family and clan, but he longs to share his gift for singing with others. He also wants to learn more about the world, which his family discouraged as “unclean”. Any knowledge not supplied by the clerics of Shehaan was considered dangerous to the wellbeing of the clan. But Twiggy is certain that Shehaan isn’t the only god worth worshipping. So, longing to learn, meet new people, and sing new songs, Twiggy set out from his family’s home (I don’t know the name of his community). He misses them terribly but his family has banished him until he can promise to stay with them and worship Shehaan forever.

Think of Twiggy as a gay Frank Sinatra. The smooth, evocative voice of Frank plus the flair of Liberace!


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