Light of Dawn

Let me tell you something, kiddo: there’s a lot of people out there what think their arm is what makes them strong. They think power comes from a man’s strength, or from his arms. That’s all well and good. But a man’s real power? That comes from his mind.

The World

In this campaign, your kingdom is in the Dark Ages. Few of the regular populace can read, none can write. History is forgotten, the rest of the world is a dark swirl on what few maps exist, and civilization is kept together by the King’s advisers and his Firemen.

The Firemen are charged with one task: silencing dissent. They have the full force of the law behind them and they wield it with zero discretion. The ability to read makes you a suspect, owning a book is a crime punishable by death, literacy is sin.

The Players

You are the shining points of light in a wholly dark and chaotic world and you are drawn to other such points. You can read, you can write, you can speak multiple languages, you’ve traveled places and seen things that set you apart from the mundane.

Maybe you come from a secret cloister of monks, tasked with preserving the ancient texts. Or perhaps your father was a scholar, chased out of the city and forced into hiding by the Firemen. Maybe your fairy god-mother willed you an ancient leather-bound tome full of arcane secrets.

Light of Dawn

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